Sonic 1.99 Footlong Coney

Sonic $1.99 Footlong Coney 2024 Updated

Sonic $1.99 Footlong Coney: Always coming back with a new and amazing deal is a tradition of Sonic.

This time, it’s a double dose of delicious meals that are pocket-friendly as well.

Sonic amazed its corn dog lovers with a delicious offer of Footlong Coney. It offers this cheesy, crispy, and tasty deal at the exciting price of just $1.99. Let’s dive into the details of this article for a complete guide to this amazing deal.

Sonic $1.99 Footlong Coney

When and Where to get Sonic’s $1.99 Footlong Coney

This offer is valid until the end of  December. You can try this delicious meal of Footlong Coney at any Sonic restaurant in the town or nation.

Sonic Footlong Quarter Pound Chili Cheese Coney

Customers have great curiosity regarding the filling of this delicious footlong Coney. Let’s explore the core of the footlong and derive its flavorful fillings.


The filings include:

A perfectly grilled, crispy hot dog with a gold-brownish color.

Generously smothered with warm, spicy chili.

Crowned with a generous layer of cheddar cheese.

All of this deliciousness is packed into a perfectly cooked bun.

Sonic Footlong Quarter Pound Coney Nutrition

Here are some of the ingredients that fill the footlong with delicious flavor:

Protein: 31g

Carbohydrates: 54g

Total Dietary Fiber: 3g

Total Sugars: 9g

Fat: 48g

Saturated Fat: 18g

Trans Fatty Acid: 0.5g

Cholesterol: 100mg

Sodium: 2160mg

Calories from Fat: 430

Calcium: 1209.86mg

Vitamin A (IU): 891.64

Iron: 0.87mg

Vitamin C: 1.04mg

Remember! These ingredients are based on 2000 calories for a regular diet day, but they vary from individual to individual. It is not the same for all customers. Also, if you want more details regarding the calories, Sonic would happily do it at your request.

How to Get the Deal “Sonic $1.99 Footlong Coney”

Sonic provides this amazing deal to everyone at an affordable price of $1.99. Getting this delicious meal is as easy as it can be. You can order it at your convenience and according to your mood. Choose whether you want it at home or want to collect it from the Sonic restaurant.

Sonic is happily providing both of these services to their customers.

Ordering online or through the app

Ordering online seems to be convenient for people who want the orders delivered to their doors. You simply need to log into the app and place your order for this amazing meal of Sonic Footlong Cany. Once your order is ready, it will be chasing you home in less than the minimum amount of time.

In-Store Orders

If you want to place your order while visiting the store, then don’t forget to place your order for Footlong Coney. The staff will make sure to serve it to you with a satisfying discount.

Craving an affordable indulgence? Look no further.

Food brings exciting changes to your mood. Cravings bring you closer to your favorite meal. If you are craving such an amazing deal at a low cost, then Sonic Footlong is the answer. You should try this crispy, juicy footlong packed in a fresh-bakery bun.

Necessary Conditions

There are some rules and conditions that you need to know before rushing towards Sonic for this amazing deal.

Make sure you are ready to order your deal separately while indulging with Footlong Coney.

You may notice a little bit of a change in size as it is pre-cooked.

You can notice the amount of flour in the Coney.

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If you are looking for an amazing deal that complements your budget and tastes equally, then your wait is over now. There’s a deal that suits your requirements perfectly. Your tasty, juicy, Foot Long quarter-pound chilly cheese Coney will meet your hot dog requirement. This deal is known for its hot dogs, enthusiastic fillings that make you taste delicious, and different flavors of spices. Make sure to place your order before it’s over.

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