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Sonic menu prices: Sonic, a reputable food source known as Sonic Drive-In, is a healthy, and economical food place in America. Everything started back in 1953, when an individual named Troy N. Smith, Sr., started the first called Formal Hat Drive-In. Right away, they sold root beer, burgers, and hotdogs from a little stand close to a log-cabin steakhouse. Now the main point, how to get fun from here. They have carhops who skate around to bring you yummy food! Imagine attempting their renowned “chili cheese Coney” or the very delicious “Sonic Cheeseburger Combo.” 

And in the event that you have a sweet tooth, you must attempt “Sonic Impacts” and “Master Shakes” – they’re similar to paradise in a cup! Goodness, and for youngsters, they have these wonderful feasts called “wacky pack kids Dinners.” You might actually begin your day with their morning meal menu. With in excess of 3,500 spots all around the U.S., Sonic keeps the soul of old-school drive-ins alive, ensuring you have the coolest time getting your food served on skates.

Sonic Menu Categories: Dive into a World of Flavor

  • Hickory BBQ Cheeseburger
  • Combos
  • Drinks
  • Burgers
  • Chicken
  • Hot Dogs
  • Sandwiches
  • Breakfast
  • Snacks & Sides
  • Frozen Zone®
  • Wacky Pack® Kids Meals
  • Under $4 Favorites
Sonic menu options

New Sonic Menu 2024: Tasty Treats You Need to Try

  • Orange Cloudsicle Slush Float
  • Blackout Slush Float at Sonic
  • Sonic Dirty Drinks
  • OREO® Big Scoop Cheesecake Sundae
  • OREO® Big Scoop Cheesecake Blast
  • Garlic Butter Bacon Cheeseburger
  • Cheesy Baja Crispy Tender Wrap
  • Buffalo Chicken Bites
  • Hickory BBQ Crispy Tender Wrap
  • Cheesy Bacon SONIC® Stack
  • Cheesy Bacon SuperSONIC® Stack

Sonic Drive In Deals (June 2024)

Enjoy half-priced cheeseburgers every Tuesday after 5 PM and daily deals on drinks and slushes from 2-4 PM by ordering through Sonic app.

Sonic blackout slush float

Sonic Blackout Slush Float


5 Crispy Tender Wraps under 10$

American Drive-In Menu 2023: Ultimate Guide to Every Item

Sonic Menu with Prices and Pictures

Hello, foodies! Prepare for a meal that fills your tummy with fantastic food from Sonic Drive-In without getting expensive. There are some very delicious discounts available that won’t break the bank. Just picture biting into a “Chilli Cheese Coney” or chowing down on a “Sonic Cheeseburger Combo, and guess what? The prices are reasonable, you won’t believe it!

Additionally, their “Sonic Blasts” and “Master Shakes” are well worth trying if you have a sweet craving, and they won’t break the bank. Their “Wacky Pack Kids Meals,” especially for kids, are budget friendly for parents. So, if you are too much foodie and do not want to spend more than sonic drive in is best stop for you. Low pricing and delectable food? 

Sonic Menu

Sonic Menu Prices for combos

You have any question in your mind about sonic menu prices? However, they do provide you with some fantastic discounts! You can get combination meals including a burger, fries, and beverages for a fair price at Sonic Drive-In. A special “Chili Cheese Coney” bundle is also available; it includes a side and a drink. If you enjoy shakes that contain delicious treats, try the “Sonic Blasts” combination. Then you will be served a shake, some fries, and a beverage. Sonic’s menu options will therefore meet your need for a good dinner.

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Sonic combos menu prices.6
sonic combos menu prices.5
sonic combos menu prices..
SuperSONIC Double Cheeseburger price$4.99
SuperSONIC Double Cheeseburger – Combo$6.99
SuperSONIC Bacon Double Cheeseburger$5.49
SuperSONIC Bacon Double Cheeseburger – Combo$7.89
Bacon Cheeseburger TOASTER$4.99
Bacon Cheeseburger Toaster Combo$6.99
Chicken Club TOASTER$5.09
Chicken Club TOASTER – Combo$7.29
Chicago Dog$2.39
New York Dog$1.99
New York Dog – Combo$4.99
Chili Cheese Coney$1.99
Chili Cheese Coney – Combo$4.99
All-American Dog$1.99
All-American Dog – Combo$4.99
Footlong Quarter Pound Coney$3.69
Footlong Quarter Pound Coney – Combo$5.99
Super Crunch Chicken Strips 3 Pc.$3.49
Super Crunch Chicken Strips – Combo 3 Pc.$5.79
Super Crunch Chicken Strips 5 Pc.$4.69
Super Crunch Chicken Strips – Combo 5 Pc.$6.79
Super Crunch Chicken Strip Dinner (Medium Combo) 4 Pc.$6.79
Super Crunch Chicken Strip Dinner (Without Drink) 4 Pc.$5.69
Jumbo Popcorn Chicken Medium$3.99
Jumbo Popcorn Chicken – Combo Medium$5.89
Jumbo Popcorn Chicken Large$4.99
Jumbo Popcorn Chicken – Combo Large$6.89
Classic Chicken Sandwich (Grilled or Crispy)$4.49
Classic Chicken Sandwich (Grilled or Crispy) – Combo$6.79
Add (American Cheese, Hot Chili or Spicy Jalapeños)$0.50
Add (Crispy Bacon)$0.60

Sonic Menu Sides Prices

When ordering a burger or hot dog at Sonic While ordering a burger or hot dog at Sonic, you can choose different side dishes. They have those exceptionally delicious, prepared fries and those potato tots, which are so delicious and crispy. Alongside crunchy, yummy onion rings and melty, tasty cheese sticks, there are likewise different food sources. Also, you might pick various sizes to take as much as you want. Moreover, you can pick a side and add a burger or fries to these combos. So, new sonic has a lot of variety in its side dishes if you want to take something delicious just taste it.

sonic menu sides prices
Side DishesSizePrices
Ched ‘R’ Bites with RanchMini$1.59
Ched ‘R’ Bites with RanchSmall$2.99
Ched ‘R’ Bites with RanchMedium$4.29
Ched ‘R’ Bites with RanchLarge$5.29
Ched ‘R’ Bites with RanchFamily$8.99
Tots or FriesMini$0.79
Tots or FriesSmall$1.19
Tots or FriesMedium$1.99
Tots or FriesLarge$2.39
Tots or FriesFamily$3.99
Mozzarella Sticks with MarinaraMini (2 Pc.)$1.29
Mozzarella Sticks with MarinaraSmall (4 Pc.)$2.49
Mozzarella Sticks with MarinaraMedium (6 Pc.)$3.59
Mozzarella Sticks with MarinaraLarge (8 Pc.)$4.79
Mozzarella Sticks with MarinaraFamily (16 Pc.)$7.99
Ched ‘R’ Bites with RanchMini$1.59
Ched ‘R’ Bites with RanchSmall$2.99
Ched ‘R’ Bites with RanchMedium$4.29
Ched ‘R’ Bites with RanchLarge$5.29
Ched ‘R’ Bites with RanchFamily$8.99
Tots or FriesMini$0.79
Tots or FriesSmall$1.19
Tots or FriesMedium$1.99
Tots or FriesLarge$2.39
Tots or FriesFamily$3.99
Chili Cheese Tots or FriesMini$1.29
Chili Cheese Tots or FriesSmall$2.29
Chili Cheese Tots or FriesMedium$3.09
Chili Cheese Tots or FriesLarge$3.49
Chili Cheese Tots or FriesFamily$5.99
Handmade Onion RingsMini$1.29
Handmade Onion RingsSmall$2.29
Handmade Onion RingsMedium$2.89
Handmade Onion RingsLarge$3.39
Handmade Onion RingsFamily$5.39
Jumbo Popcorn ChickenMini$1.49
Jumbo Popcorn ChickenSmall$2.99
Jumbo Popcorn ChickenMedium$3.99
Jumbo Popcorn ChickenLarge$4.99
Jumbo Popcorn ChickenFamily$6.99
Apple SlicesRegular$1.29

Sonic menu With prices for Hotdogs

Hot dog lovers! Let me tell you about the tasty, budget-friendly hot dog selection at Sonic Drive-In. They sell these incredible hot dogs at prices that are really wonderful. You can take a “Chilli Cheese Coney,” a wonderful hot dog covered with cheese and chili – it tastes like an explosion of flavors on your tongue!

If you want to take some traditional food, Al-American-Dog is available at sonic. You may add fries and a beverage for a terrific price when purchasing a combination of these hot dogs. Consequently, Sonic Drive-In is the place to go if you’re in the mood for a tasty hot dog but don’t want to spend a lot of money. alert Yum.

Sonic Hot Dogs Menu
Sonic Hot Dogs MenuPrices
Cheesy Bacon Pretzel Dog (Limited Time)$2.99
The Original Pretzel Dog (Limited Time)$2.09

sonic drive-in menu and prices Everyday Deals

If you’re interested in learning more about the awesome savings Sonic Drive-In offers every day, keep reading because I have the inside scoop! You may entirely take advantage of their menu items’ exceptional prices any day you choose. So if you want to take something that reduces your appetite, do not get worried; just go to Sonic drive in and have fun with an amazing meal. Check McDonald’s Wrap of the Day here.

sonic-deals.sonic menu
sonic drive in menu-deals.
sonic-deals menu prices
sonic-menu-deal. sonic drive in menu
Drive-in everyday dealsprices
Jr. Breakfast Burrito$1.19
Jr. Deluxe Burger$1.39
Jr. Deluxe Cheeseburger$1.69
Chicken Strip Sandwich$1.49
Jr. Double Cheeseburger$1.69
Grilled Cheese$1.49
Corn Dog$1.29
Tots or Fries Small$1.19
Iced Tea Small$1.19
Soft Drink Small$1.19
Famous Slush Small$1.19
Vanilla Cone$1.00
Vanilla Dish$1.49
Real Ice Cream Sundae$1.99

Sonic Breakfast Menu Combos Prices

Searching for breakfast at Sonic, They have these cool combos you’ll like. They set up delicious stuff like breakfast burritos, sandwiches, and even pancakes with drinks. Furthermore, learn to expect the unexpected. You can have your favorite food and a beverage without spending too much. So whenever you’re up on time and eager, simply look at Sonic’s morning meal combos. You’ll get yummy food that is not excessively costly.

Breakfast menu comboPrices 
Sonic Menu Breakfast CombosPrices
Breakfast Burrito$2.59
Breakfast Burrito – Combo$4.59
SuperSONIC Breakfast Burrito$3.89
SuperSONIC Breakfast Burrito – Combo$5.99
Ultimate Meat & Cheese Breakfast Burrito™ – Combo$5.99
Breakfast TOASTER$2.89
Breakfast TOASTER – Combo$4.89
French Toast Sticks with Syrup 4 Pc.$2.49
French Toast Sticks with Syrup + Drink 4 Pc.$3.49
Cinnasnacks 3 Pc.$2.89
Cinnasnacks – Combo 3 Pc.$3.89
Cinnasnacks 5 Pc.$3.99
Cinnasnacks – Combo 5 Pc.$4.99

Sonic Drive In Kids Menu Prices

If you have any questions about what is available for children at Sonic Drive-In, these lines are for you. Mini burgers, chicken tenders, and even grilled cheese are among the delectable and entertaining alternatives on their exclusive children’s menu. The best thing, you may treat your kids to a delicious supper without too much expense because the rates are so low. So, if you’re searching for a restaurant where your kids can get delicious cuisine that’s appropriate for them, try Sonic’s kid’s menu. 

sonic-kids-sandwich menu.
Sonic Menu for KidsPrices
Jr. Burger$3.39
Chicken Strips 2 Pc.$3.59
Grilled Cheese$2.99
Beef Hot Dog$3.39
Corn Dog$3.39

Sonic Drinks Menu Prices

What beverages are accessible at Sonic? Here is complete information for you. They offer a wide range of refreshing drinks, including smooth milkshakes, super-cool treats called slushies, and fresh soda. One or more points is that the expense is so modest, so don’t become stressed over your spending plan. There are nearly nothing, medium, and huge sizes open, depending upon how hungry you are.

Think about what else? Furthermore, there is a plan called “Happy Hour,” where you might purchase cocktails at explicit times for less cash. To pick an extraordinary beverage that will not be excessively expensive, the costs are really reasonable, so you will not need to stress over spending a lot. You can pick between little, medium, or big sizes, it’s up to the need for which you’re desiring a beverage and they even have this cool thing called “Happy Hour,” where you can get just a little less during specific times. So now Sonic’s beverage menu is here;

sonic drinks slushes
Sonic Drinks menu
sonic drink menu prices
Drinks SizePrice
Candy SlushesSmall$1.69
Candy SlushesMedium$2.49
Candy SlushesLarge$2.89
Candy SlushesRoute 44$3.09
Real Fruit SlushesSmall$2.19
Real Fruit SlushesMedium$2.39
Real Fruit SlushesLarge$2.79
Real Fruit SlushesRoute 44$2.99
Soft DrinkSmall$1.19
Soft DrinkMedium$1.69
Soft DrinkLarge$1.89
Soft DrinkRoute 44$2.19
Soft Drink (Iced Tea)Gallon$3.99
SONIC SplashSmall$1.19
SONIC SplashMedium$1.69
SONIC SplashLarge$1.89
SONIC SplashRoute 44$2.19
Ocean WaterSmall$1.39
Ocean WaterMedium$1.79
Ocean WaterLarge$1.99
Ocean WaterRoute 44$2.29
Signature LimeadesSmall$1.69
Signature LimeadesMedium$1.99
Signature LimeadesLarge$2.29
Signature LimeadesRoute 44$2.59
Famous SlushesSmall$1.19
Famous SlushesMedium$1.99
Famous SlushesLarge$2.39
Famous SlushesRoute 44$2.59
Orange Juice or Cranberry Juice CocktailSmall$1.99
Orange Juice or Cranberry Juice CocktailMedium$2.49
SONIC Wave Bottled Water$1.49
Premium Roast CoffeeRegular$1.49
Premium Roast CoffeeLarge$1.79
SONIC Energy DrinkSmall$1.99
SONIC Energy DrinkMedium$2.19
SONIC Energy DrinkLarge$2.29
SONIC Energy DrinkRoute 44$2.49

Sonic Frozen Drinks Menu Prices

Without a doubt! If you are searching for amazing and yummy frozen food that is hygiene as well than you are on right web page. To slake your appetite and sate your hunger, they have a selection of frozen goodies available. Everybody can find something at Sonic, from slushies’ brimming with flavor to delicious, creamy milkshakes. You may indulge in these frozen treats without going over budget because the Sonic prices are very fair.

According to how much you’re feeling, you can select from a variety of sizes. And hey, there are even specific periods during “Happy Hour” when you can get these frozen cocktails for less money. As a result, consider Sonic’s frozen beverages if you’re searching for fun and refreshing.

Sonic frozen slushes
Sonic Frozen drinks menu prices
Sonic Frozen drinks menu
Sonic Frozen drinks, slush
Frozen drinksSizesPrices
CreamSlush TreatsMini$2.09
CreamSlush TreatsSmall$2.99
CreamSlush TreatsMedium$3.59
CreamSlush TreatsLarge$4.59
Old School FloatsMini$2.09
Old School FloatsSmall$2.49
Old School FloatsMedium$3.09
Old School FloatsLarge$4.39
Real Ice Cream SundaeRegular$1.99
Molten Cake SundaeRegular$4.29
Waffle Cone SundaeRegular$2.99
Vanilla Waffle ConeRegular$1.99
Master BlastMini$3.39
Master BlastSmall$3.89
Master BlastMedium$4.59
Master BlastLarge$5.99
Java Chiller ShakesSmall$2.99
Java Chiller ShakesMedium$3.39
Java Chiller ShakesLarge$4.39
Sonic BlastMini$2.89
Sonic BlastSmall$3.39
Sonic BlastMedium$4.09
Sonic BlastLarge$5.49
Hand-Mixed Classic ShakesMini$1.99
Hand-Mixed Classic ShakesSmall$2.79
Hand-Mixed Classic ShakesMedium$3.59
Hand-Mixed Classic ShakesLarge$4.59
Master ShakesMini$2.49
Master ShakesSmall$3.29
Master ShakesMedium$4.09
Master ShakesLarge$5.09

Sonic Secret Menu Items

  • Frito Pie: Chili and Fritos for crunch and flavor.
  • Pink Flamingo: Sprite mixed with PowerAde for a unique drink.
  • Dr. Pepper Orgasm: Dr. Pepper with coconut, vanilla, and cherry.
  • Tater Tot Chili Cheese Pie: Tater tots, chili, and cheese are deliciously combined.
  • Purple Sprite: PowerAde and Sprite, a colorful and refreshing blend.
  • Sonic Sunrise: Orange juice, cherry, and PowerAde make it vibrant.
  • Neopolitan Shake: Chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla shake combo.
  • Grilled Cheese Burger: A burger that makes your hunger up with high quality grilled cheese burger bun.
  • Fruit Slush with Ice Cream: Creamy ice cream is added to the fruit slush.
  • All-American Dog: New variety of hot dog with delicious ketchup, onion and mustard taste as well.

How to order sonic Menu 2024?

If you are feeling hungry and want to crave late night then order sonic food from the comfort of your home. There are two quick ways available for you to order your favorite Sonic menu items. Get pocket-friendly menu options by following the steps outlined below;

Order Online Via the Sonic App;

  • Download the sonic app or visit Sonic official website.
  • After that, create account and select Sonic Restaurant near you.
  • Search the latest Sonic menu with prices.
  • Tap and add the favorite menu items to cart.
  • You have choice to customize your order.
  • Choose your preferences including sides and toppings etc.
  • Review order & proceed to checkout.
  • Place order & make payment via credit/debits cards, Sonic gift cards or cash.
  • Wait for delivery. Once your meal arrives. Pick up and enjoy cravings.

Order In-Person at Sonic Drive-In;

  • First & foremost, drive or walkup to your nearest Sonic location.
  • Now, place your order at closest Sonic menu restaurant.
  • Customize your order if you need.
  • Then pay and get your food.
  • Enjoy delicious Sonic meal.

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Sonic Menu With Prices: FAQs

Prices may differ a little bit based on the location you visit.

Yes, Happy Hour timings might vary by location, so check with Sonic.

Before placing a purchase, inquire about any potential pricing adjustments.

Yes, Sonic has discounted rates for children’s menu items.

Not guaranteed; concealed goods might change depending on accessibility and location.

Combining products into combos frequently results in higher value.

If you want to enjoy Sonic’s signature dishes at a great value, then must try Sonic 2 for 7$ menu 2024. It includes cheeseburger, footlong hot dog & delectable chicken sandwich.

Yes, the brown bag is $7.99. Sonic aficionado can enjoy Sonic-size deal with two 100% pure beef burgers & with two medium tots, medium soft drinks or fries.

Absolutely, Sonic offers all day Long breakfast Menu items in 2024. Whether it’s 2 pm or 2 am, you can enjoy the SuperSONIC Breakfast Burrito at affordable price.