Sonic Dirty Drinks

New Sonic Dirty Drinks: Exotic Variations on Your Beloved Classics

Sonic is well known for its menu items like toaster sandwiches, extra cheese coneys, and freshly made meal and carhop service. Now it also introduces its new menu which has” dirty drinks”. It is a mixture of cream, lime, coconut, and soda. It includes “zero sugar”,” diet Coke”, “Orange Dirty”, and “ sonic dirty Dr. Pepper”, all on this menu. It is known as dirty soda. It makes your drinks unique and elegant.

Sonic puts it all in and tries to give more customized and non-alcoholic beverages. You will surely like all these. They are amazing and tasty. All these Sonic menu drinks are available for a limited time at selected locations. They just try to give you a customer taste of your drink.

New Sonic dirty drinks

What is a dirty drink at Sonic?

The list of dirty soda sonic flavors is given below:

  • Coca-Cola Dirty: Infused with coconut, cream, and lime.
  • Fanta Orange Dirty: Enhanced with coconut, cream, and lime.
  • Dr Pepper Dirty: Blended with coconut, cream, and lime.
  • Diet Coke Dirty: Mixed with coconut, cream, and lime.
  • Sprite Dirty: Spiced up with coconut, cream, and lime.
  • Coca-Cola Zero Dirty Sugar: Combined with coconut, cream, and lime.
  • Barq’s   Dirty Root Beer: Enriched with coconut, cream, and lime.

Maybe all these are not available at every location. Their availability is dependent on the location you visit.

Sonic Dirty drinks prices 2024 (Updated)

It provides you with a variety of drinks which includes soda shakes and lemonade. You can enjoy almost all flavours which include watermelon Raspberry and Cherry. To refresh yourself you should try their lemonade with fruits. These drinks are available at discounted prices their range is from Dollar 1 to Dollar 5 depending on which size and which type you order.

Given below is the list of the menu of beverages:

Sonic Soft Drinks with a Naughty Twist:

Now you can order your drink or slash through the app or online by customizing it by adding some real fruits and candies. There are these amazing drinks, and the availability of these drinks is different by location, and the variety also varies at a different location. It includes Coca-Cola Dirty, Fanta Orange Dirty, Dr Pepper Dirty, Diet Coke Dirty, Sprite Dirty, Coca-Cola Zero Dirty Sugar, Barq’s Root Beer, Fruit Punch, Sprite, and unique beverages like Ocean Water, POWERADE, and Mountain Berry Blast Slush. You will enjoy all of these soft drinks. All these make your mood happy, and you will feel fresh.

Raunchy Drinks Pricing:

One of its beverages, “Make it Dirty,” whose price is almost $1.30, adds extra cream, coconut, and lime to any drink. Where the price is different at different locations. This option is available for a short time, and it enables customers to have a customized drink experience with a twist. It will make your mood happy, and you will feel fresh.

Delightful Hour Promotions in 2024:

During its Happy Hour offer, you can get drinks at half price. These include iced teas, lemonade, soft drinks, and slush. The offer starts from May 5 to June 2, 2024. During this time, they will give you their shakes at half price. Moreover, these discounted offers are also available daily from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Go and have your favorite slush ice cream shake at half price. You can also get a medium slush at dollar 0.99 and a large slush at dollar 1.99. 

All these offers will surely attract you and you will must visit Sonic to get this opportunity. Other than slashes and its great prices, it also offers you some special snacks like crispy corn dogs available at just 0.99 and flavored Mozilla sticks and crunchy onion rings to get over your craving.

Sonics Happy Hours Time Schedule

Sonic combo menu with prices in 2024

It offers you a fantastic way to have your favorite meal and you also don’t need to spend too much on all these. Don’t worry whether it’s lunchtime, breakfast, dinner after your school breaks time, or late at night, this restaurant will provide you 24-hour delivery. It has great deals that come into your budget.

If you want a cheeseburger, double cheeseburger, a cheeseburger toaster, club toaster, New York dog, Chilli cheese Corney, all-American dog, Jumbo popcorn chicken, or crunch chicken strips, all these are available at very low cost and you will have the best taste.

Given below is its menu:

What’s the process for requesting dirty beverages at Sonic?

To fulfil your thirst and refresh yourself you have to order dirty drinks. It allows you to place your order 24 hours a day. There are ways, as given below, to order dirty drinks.

  • Go to the Sonic app or website.
  • Choose your favorite soda flavor, like Sprite Dirty, dirty Coca-Cola, Zero Dirty Sugar, Dr Pepper Dirty, etc.
  • After that, choose the “Make Dirty” option, which adds a coconut, cream, and lime mixture to it.
  • Then confirm your order and any other customizations you want.
  • Finally, complete your purchase and pick up your customized dirty soda from here.

Reviews about Sonic dirty drinks:

Here we provide you reviews of its customers who tried the dirty drinks. They said that they have tried its new Dirty Drinks soda, which is a mixture of cream, lime, and coconut, with some sodas like Dirty Coca-Cola and Dr Pepper. They said that they are refreshing, that they are different from normal sodas, and that their taste is just amazing and mind-blowing.

Sonic has become very close to its customers, and they like to grab one another from here. So now, if you are searching for something new to drink, you should visit Sonic Dirty Soda. It is quite satisfying, and it gives you a new and better taste for your beverages.


In final words, Sonic’s new dirty sodas provide you with amazing taste and better quality at a very low price. Its most famous sodas include “Orange Dirty” and “Dirty Dr. Peeper.” So if you are thirsty, you should visit there and quench your thirst with its refreshing sodas.

Sonic Dirty Drinks: FAQs

Sonic offers a drink known as “dirty dr Pepper,” which consists of dr Pepper, lime juice, and coconut syrup.

The “enhance it” feature at Sonic lets customers infuse their beverages with a delightful mix of coconut, cream, and lime. This customization option turns ordinary sodas into indulgent and refreshing treats, perfect for satisfying cravings on the go.

Sonic offers a variety of special beverages featuring coconut, cream, and lime, elevating the taste experience of classic sodas. Options include variations like Tropical Dr Pepper and Zesty Lime Sprite, each available for an additional fee.

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