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Sonic Blast Menu With Prices 2023

Sonic Blast Menu: We live in that era where everyone always prefers fast food and different delightful desserts. In such an era, that is a big deal if you retain your top position in the customer’s heart. Sonic Restaurant, an American restaurant, manages to be at its position.

Sonic Blast Menu with prices

Sonic never disappoints its customers. Sonic always comes with different tremendous offers. Sonic recently introduced the Sonic Blast menu. Sonic Blast’s menu is full of yummy candies and cookies, which give the richness of milk and sugar. This menu is also filled with delicious flavors of ice creams.

What are sonic blasts?

The Sonic Blast menu is not just full of classic flavors of ice creams. This menu has a treasure of sweetness besides ice creams. Sonic Blast’s menu provides different unique combos of ice creams full of crunchy cookies and biscuits. If you want to have a wonderful experience of eating yummiest ice creams, then the Sonic Blast menu is the best option for you. 

Sonic Blast flavors in 2023:

  • Sonic blast containing Snicker bars
  • Sonic Blast full of Butterfinger candies
  • Sonic Blast is made with M&MS chocolate candies
  • Sonic Blast has Oreo cookies
  • Rees’s sonic blast of peanut butter

Sonic Blast prices in 2023

The Sonic Blast menu is very convenient for everyone. This offers a massive amount of tasty desserts, even in bigger quantities. But a bigger quantity does not mean you have to pay a large amount. There is a slight difference in amounts regarding sizes.

Sonic Blast Flavors



Reese’s® Peanut Butter Cup















Sonic blast sizes and calorie breakdown 

There are two available sizes

Small: Small size contains 400 calories 

Large: Large size has almost 600 calories

Sonic master blast

Sonic Blast flavor contains a heavy amount of vanilla ice cream indulged with the unique texture of cookies and candies. Sonic blast master is a very vibrant item on the Sonic Blast menu. 

Sonic Master Blast

Sonic master blast consists of the following flavors:

  • Triple Chocolate 
  • Turtle pecan
  • Caramel brownie
  • Banana split
  • Cookie dough
  • Pineapple upside down

The price of the sonic master blast is comparatively higher than its other items. But if we talk about the taste, the sonic master blast has a worthy taste. In comparison to taste, its prices are not that much high. Sonic master blast offers amazing flavors with the promised good quality. 

If you are looking to elevate Sonic Blast indulgence

  • Mix well: make sure you have ordered Sonic ice cream with cookies; chunks of cookies and candies are perfectly mixed inside your ice cream.
  • Some additional luxuries: if you want your dessert to look rich, you can also add a small cherry on top of your ice cream.
  • Milkshake Marvel: you can also make customized milkshakes by adding yummy cookies and candies indulged with ice cream into your milkshake.
  • Sundae Delight: you can transform your blast into a classical sundae by adding some caramel touch or any kind of sprinkles.

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Bottom lines

It is in 2023 that Sonic becomes the best place for fast food with great meals and sweets. They also have included an amazing add-on called Sonic Blast menu with prices that combines the the deliciousness of classical ice creams with sweet wonders presented by various cookies, biscuits, and candies.

From Snickers to Butterfingers and even some M&M’s and Oreo cookies, every candy lover will find their pick at Sonic. Their Sonic Master Blast even comes with a splash of unparalleled taste. Sonic offers affordable entrees but delicious concoctions that make this eatery top of mind among sweet-toothed consumers.

Sonic Blast Menu With Prices: FAQs

Sonic Blast is quite an appetizing dessert menu at Sonic Restaurant that combines traditional ice-cream flavors with cookies, biscuits, and chocos, as a result creating mouth-watering indulgence.

A small Sonic Blast is worth $3.20, while a big Sonic Blow costs $3.70.

There are 400 calories in a small size and approximately 600 calories in a large size.

It comes in different flavors, including chocolate, apple,, and pineapple, as part of its premium range master blast made out of vanilla ice cream mixed with some cookies and candies that you could love.

To make your Sonic Blast even better, you may mix cookies and candies in your ice cream, add a cherry on top, create a special milkshake, or turn a blast into an old-school sundae loaded with caramel or sprinkles. Take pleasure in all of your Sonic treatments.

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