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Sonic Half-Price Burgers 2024 updated

Sonic Half-Price Burgers: In this article, I will be sharing the details of Sonic burgers, which you can order at half price. The restaurant provides its customers with a pocket-friendly deal without compromising on quality or taste.

If you are a true fan of Sonic’s meals, then here’s your chance to enjoy their half-priced meals. The offer is very catchy, as it provides you with your favorite burger at half price.

 If you want to avail of the offer, read the article to the end for all the details of this amazing deal. The Sonic half-priced burger is a complete package of love and taste. It would be best if you tried this tasty, special, and cost-friendly burger.

Satisfy your cravings. Sonic Half-Price Burgers Every Tuesday After 5 p.m.

Sonic Burger is beautified by its healthy factor of simplicity. It perfectly suits your taste and provides a commendable solution for your cravings.

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Go to their official website and order this Sonic half-price cheeseburger. You can order this special burger on the Sonic app as well.

 If you haven’t logged in, download it from Play Station, log into the app, and mark your cheeseburger for order. The discount is provided on both the website and the app.

Sonic Half-Price Burger Experience

  • The specialty and beauty of this half-priced burger lie in its simplicity.
  • The combination of American cheese and sausage juice is added to this burger, which also makes it stand out from other burgers.
  • lettuce, onions, and tomatoes are added to this burger so that it looks more filled.
  • Covering the fillings inside a fresh bun is a primary step to making the burger mouth-watering.

Some of the nutritional information about this delicious burger is:

Protein (g): 31

Carbohydrates (g): 53

Total Dietary Fiber (g): 2

Total sugars (g): 12

Fat (g): 42

Saturated fat (g): 11

Trans Fatty Acid (g): 0

Cholesterol (mg): 70

Sodium (mg): 1380

Calories from Fat: 380

Calcium (mg): 181.59

Vitamin A (IU): 301.45

Iron (mg): 3.96

Vitamin C (mg): 5.41

This statement implies that the values of nutrition given are typically based on approximations or generalizations, not on specific measurements or calculations.

 It varies depending on the individual, and if you want more information regarding the nutritional value of their meals, check out their website.

What is the Sonic Half Price Burgers price?

Sonic cheeseburger

Sonic Cheese Burger is offered to you at half price, which attracts fans of Sonic. Further details on the price are given below:

SONIC Cheeseburger price: $3.89

And at half price, it becomes $1.94.

SONIC Double Cheeseburger price: $4.99

Its half price is $2.50.

Points to remember

Sonic provides these burgers at half price, but before ordering them, there’s something important you need to know.

Always keep in mind that Sonic provides this burger with a single patty weighing approximately 1/4 inch.

If you compare this burger with the regular burger, then this burger is a good option. Also, if you crave combos, you must add a small charge for drinks.


Treating your family with great care and love gives you a perfect feeling of pleasure. When it comes to food, it may cause trouble in the budget as it can be costly.

So if you want to give a tasty meal as a treat, then here’s a perfect solution that is tasty and cost-friendly as well. You can try a Sonic half-price burger with your family. This is a smart choice that you made while treating your family with good taste.

 There’s no limit to ordering a burger; you can order as many burgers as you want. The price would remain discounted. There’s a specific time for this special and pocket-friendly deal.

 You can order this burger every Tuesday after 5 p.m. until the closing time of Sonic. The burger will be 50% off during this period.

The variety and customization of this burger

The burger provides amazing variety in its flavor and taste. Sonic provides this burger in all shapes and sizes.

You can choose jumbo to bacon cheeseburger from the Sonic menu

 Customers can also ask for extra toppings of cheese, and seasoning based on their taste. The burger is available every Tuesday after 5 p.m.

Online ordering of a Sonic half-price burger

Sonic maximizes your excitement for this burger by providing it at 50% off. Not only this, but you can also enjoy this burger with an affordable drink, which doubles the pleasure.

The drink is also half-priced. Now you can order this flat 50% off deal with your favorite slush or beverage.

You can order this mouthwatering deal at Sonic’s website or through their food app. By using the Sonic app, you can order this pocket-friendly deal easily.

 Sonic gives you a chance to save on budget by providing its quality and high-rated burger at half price.

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Sonic Official Website
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Final Words

Sonic’s half-priced burger provides a satisfying treat on a low budget. You can enjoy the deal at the Sonic location or by ordering it online.

The Sonic deal of a half-priced burger is available on Tuesday after 5 p.m. Plan your feast at Sonic and enjoy this cost-friendly meal with your family.

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